Features and advantages LVD Induction Lamp

Features and advantages LVD Induction Lamp  :

1. Energy saving
Lighting based on high power factor and high Wattage, the LVD induction lamp can save energy 50% under the same lighting.

2. Super long life
Without fragile electrode and filament, its life depends on the components of electric ballast, so that it may continuously work for 100,000hrs, which is 100 times than normal lamps.

3. Start instantly
LVD Induction lamp can start instantly and the startup speed may reach milliseconds.

4. No flicker and glare, can protect our eyes
According to the reference books, people will never feel the flicker when the work frequency of light source reaches 40 KHz. The induction lamps’ work frequency is 210 KHz, and high color rendering index of CRI>80(Ra). So when designing for illuminate, it can also have an advantage of eye sight protection.

5. Perfect optical properties
The “white light' of induction lamp has full spectrum, similar to the sunlight.

6. Perfect color reducibility
In our daily life and work, the light source is not only need to be bright but also real, induction lamp CRI>80Ra

7. Eco-friendly
Amalgam inside, less pollution, eco-friendly

8. The index of EMC is low
As using the low- frequency electromagnetic of 300 KHz, matched with metal shield structure and anti-jamming electronic line, the performance of EMC of induction lamp has reached the international L-level. So induction lamps do well with guarantee equipment’s safe-working and protect the safety of power grid and circuit