Saturn Series

The application of ring shaped Saturn series: hanging lighting fixtures. 
Widely used in Industrial, commercial, public facilities and solar lighting areas.

  1. Ring shaped, uniformity light output in the space; enhance the illuminance uniformity of the work plane.
  2. Large lighting surface area, lower luminance compared to the point light source, soft light.
  3. Well suited for the round or oval shape lighting fixtures, applied in the indoor, outdoor and decorative lighting environment with its smart structures.
  4. Special magnetic hoop structure, effectively avoid magnetic leakage and magnetic core power loss, perfect heat dissipation ability.
  5. Special ferrite magnetic core, maintain the magnetic core inductance stable in wide temperature range; unique B-H curve, reduce the magnetic hysteresis loss and magnetic core loss.
  6. Amalgam inside, less pollution, eco-friendly.
  7. Special amalgam, well suited for the instant-start features and stability characteristics in the wide range of temperature.
  8. With special technology, power start faster, better stability.
  9. Self-developed inert gas formula, ensure the consistency of light efficiency and power.
  10. Full range of color temperature, a variety of power options.


Saturn LVD induction lamp technical parameters I
SeriesModelquality guarantee period(year)nominal light flux(lm)light source specification (mm)

outer packing size(mm)

system power(W)
Saturn LVD-TX40W  5 3050 167x152x82 422x214x611(10piece) 45
Saturn LVD-TX50W  5 3650 167x152x82 422x214x611(10piece) 54
Saturn LVD-TX80W  5 6500 227x214x95 550x278x661(10piece) 86
Saturn LVD-TX120W   5  10000 288x274x95 664x335x661(10piece) 128
Saturn LVD-TX150W  5 12500 288x274x95 664x335x661(10piece) 160
Saturn LVD-TX200W  5 16500 334x314x105 744x375x661(10piece) 212
Saturn LVD-TX250W  5 20500 368x348x105 812x409x661(10piece) 250
Saturn LVD-TX300W   5  25000 420x388x114 890x460x719(10piece) 316
Saturn LVD-ZWJ-TX2B-120/60-40   5  3050 166x152x181(E27) 644x416x506(12piece) 45
166x152x201(E40)  644x416x506(12piece)
Saturn LVD-ZWJY-TX2B-220/50-40   5  3050 166x152x181(E27) 644x416x506(12piece) 45
166x152x201(E40)  644x416x506(12piece)
Saturn LVD-ZWJY-TX2B-277/60-40  5 3050 166x152x181(E27)  644x416x506(12piece) 45
166x152x201(E40)  644x416x506(12piece)

Range of color temperature: 2700/3500/4000/5000/6500
Color index CRI>80 (Ra)
DC(12V/24V)series are the best choice for solar lighting