Smart Dragon Series

    Range of CT:2700/3500/4000/5000/6500

    Features:Rectangle shape,better light distribution.

    Application:used in tunnel,road,ex-proof and flood lighting fixtures,DC(12/24V)series are best choice for solar light.

  1. Rectangle shape, good horizontal light distribution
  2. Compared with point sources, the surface brightness of its large lighting surface area is lower, which brings the effect of soft light.
  3. Especially designed W-shaped reflector with more than ideal light distribution effect, suitable for outdoor lighting in various conditions
  4. With special magnet ring hooping structure which can efficiently avoid magnetic core leakage and magnetic core power loss; excellent heat dissipation property
  5. The special ferrite core can maintain constant magnetic core inductance in a wide temperature range; with special B-H curve which can reduce hysteresis and magnetic core loss 
  6. Built-in amalgam with less environmental pollution and increased environmental protection
  7. Tailoring amalgam formula, suitable for instant starting and work stability characteristics under a wide temperature range
  8. Adoption of unique technology to speed up power starting while enhancing stability 
  9. Development of inert gas formula; ensuring consistency lighting effect and power
  10. A series of color temperature, various power selecting ranges
  11. Can separately configure more power categories according to clients’ special requirements
Smart Dragon LVD induction lamp technical parameters I
Seriesmodelquality guarantee period(year)nominal light flux(lm)light source specification (mm)outer packing size(mm)system power(W)
Smart dragon LVD-LL40W 5 3050 179x114x89 342x249x609(10piece) 45
Smart dragon LVD-LL50W 5 3650 179x114x89 342x249x609(10piece) 54
Smart dragon LVD-LL80W 5 6500 280x140x98 382x349x659(10piece) 86
Smart dragon LVD-LL120W 5 10000 351x140x98 423x378x659(10piece) 128
Smart dragon LVD-LL150W 5 12500 351x140x98 423x378x659(10piece) 160
Smart dragon LVD-LL200W 5 16500 431x148x105 501x410x709(10piece) 212
Smart dragon LVD-LL250W 5 20500 481x148x105 551x410x709(10piece) 260
Smart dragon LVD-LL300W 5 25000 542x152x114 608x419x714(10piece) 316

    The color temperature of Induction lamp series is:2700/3500/4000/5000/6500
    color rendering index CRI> 75 (Ra)

    The direct current model (12V/24V) is one of the best light source choices in solar energy lighting systems