Venus Series

Venus : compact ballast design, low wattage (15w,23w,40w AC/DC) 
International standard Edison lamp base.
AC: 120V、220V、277V、DC: 12V、24V.

  1. Special mushroom shape structure, luminous points focus, uniform light emission in 360 degree space.
  2. Bigger light surface area than other lamps with the same wattage, soft light.
  3. Compact integrated structure, match for all kinds of small size lighting fixtures, and perform lighting effects of different spatial place.
  4. Spiral lamp base, easily to retrofit all kinds of compact lamps.
  5. Special magnetic hoop structure, effectively avoid magnetic leakage and magnetic core power loss, perfect heat dissipation ability.
  6. Special ferrite magnetic core, maintain the magnetic core inductance stable in wide temperature range; unique B-H curve, reduce the magnetic hysteresis loss and magnetic core loss.
  7. Amalgam inside, less pollution, eco-friendly.
  8. Special amalgam, well suited for the instant-start features and stability characteristics in the wide range of temperature.
  9. With special technology, power start faster, better stability.
  10. Self-developed inert gas formula, ensure the consistency of light efficiency and power.
  11. Full range of color temperature, a variety of power options
  12. Inside compact electronic ballast, unique ballast technology, improve the power factor.
  13. Special winding technology, improve the low temperature start ability.
  14. We can produce variety of wattage upon the customers' special requirement.


Separated category venus LVD induction lamp technical parameters I

Seriesmodelquality guarantee period(year)Voltage(V)nominal light flux(Lm)light source specification(mm)

outer packing size

system power
Venus LVD-JX23W 3 220/120/277/
1500 78x62x182 546x233x436
25(integrated /separated category)26/28(12/24V separated )
Venus LVD-JX40W 3 220/120/277/
2750 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622
42( integrated /separated )44/45(12/24V separated)
Venus LVD-JX50W 3 220/120/277/
3350 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622
52( integrated

The color temperature of Induction lamp series is:2700/3500/4000/5000/6500 color rendering index CRI>75 (Ra)
The direct current model (12V/24V) is one of the best light source choices in solar energy lighting systems

Screw type
TypeScrew type
LVD-ZWJY-JY-40 E27/E40
LVD-ZWJY-JY-50 E27/E40
 Integrated category venus LVD induction lamp technical parameters II
modelWattage(W)electricity grid frequency
power factorinput voltage(V)input current(A)ight source specification(mm)outer packing size(mm)
LVD-ZWJY-120V/60-23 25 50/60 >0.9 120 0.37 78x62x182 546x233x436(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-120V/60-40 42 50/60 >0.9 120 0.37 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-120V/60-50 52 50/60 >0.9 120 0.46 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-220V/50-23 25 50/60 >0.9 220 0.21 78x62x182 546x233x436(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-220V/50-40 42 50/60 >0.9 220 0.20 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-220V/50-50 52 50/60 >0.9 220 0.25 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-277V/60-23 25 50/60 >0.9 277 0.09 78x62x182 546x233x436(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-277V/60-40 42 50/60 >0.9 277 0.16 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622(24piece)
LVD-ZWJY-277V/60-50 52 50/60 >0.9 277 0.20 115x88x250(E27) 768x325x622(24piece)